W6: A New Era in eGaming

At Mooir, we're on a constant quest to push the boundaries of digital entertainment. Coming in early 2024, we're excited to introduce W6, our brand that embodies our aspirations and commitment to revolutionising the eGaming landscape.

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Introducing W6

W6 is more than just a brand - it's our manifesto for creating unparalleled, community-driven gaming experiences. Guided by this ethos, W6 promises to usher in a new era of engaging, captivating, and above all, responsible gaming.

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Connecting with Leading Game Providers

We've connected with some of the most prestigious game providers in the industry to bring you a premium gaming experience. Our providers include:


Our vision stretches beyond conventional entertainment, ensuring our gaming ventures are not just exhilarating, but also foster safe and responsible gaming experiences. We're dedicated to crafting brands that mirror this ethos, and our latest venture, W6, is no exception

Responsible Gaming


Our upcoming platform promises an immersive blend of technology, responsibility, and captivating gaming experiences. Keep an eye out for the launch!